T15 WD (Mechanical)

The T15-WD has a single-pole switch-contact. When exceeding the set temperature, the thermostat switches to on or off.

T15-2 (Mechanical)

The T15-2 is a combination of two single mechanical thermostats, which are separately adjustable. This enables the determination of the zone width, between minimum and maximum temperature. The T15-2 has two single-pole switch contacts and is extremely suitable with alarm equipment for monitoring the temperature. The T15-2 is a preferred type for use with the Multifan SEA or for connecting directly to a fan.

T15-4 (Mechanical)

A mechanical multistep thermostat with a single-pole contact and 5 switching positions. At each rise of 1°C, it switches to the next position. The T15-4 can be used with Multifan SEA, STW-A and STD-A or with controls of other manufacturers.

 T15 WDT15-2T15-4
Temperture setting range (°С)0–400–40 (x2)0–50
Switch hysteresis (°С)1,5(±1)K11
Maximum current16(4)A – 380V15A – 250V10A – 250V
Minimum load120VA (2A 60V)120VA120VA
Plastic housing (flame retardent)ABSABSABS
Protection classIP55IP55IP55
Safety approval; can be supplied withCSACSACSA
Weight, packed (kg)0,30,50,6
w (cm)101515
d (cm)6,51515
h (cm)15,51111

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